Campaign V - The Game of Divinity - 2016

Session VII

Session VII is scheduled for Friday November 18th at 7:00.

We are tying up a couple story threads, but I have some ideas on how to handle that.

Kanyon and Cybel story arc:
Kanyon will be played by Eugene

Raigon and Karketti story arc
Mar will by played by Jon
The Magnificent Nero will be played by Matt

Matt – Chicken
John – Waffles
Eugene – Whores

Session V and VI

So Session V happened and while it was wildly entertaining, we didn’t cover any of the storyline I had written. It gave me a lot of new material to work with though, so thank you all for that. Also it was nice to see you guys use stats other than Fighting and Scholarship.

Session VI is coming up on Oct 28th. Expect to do more combat and dungeon crawling.

Announcement – I’m no longer going to write the story summary. It takes too long, and I don’t think anyone reads it. Instead I’m going to focus on adding NPC’s, quests, and items to Obsidian Portal.


1. Bring the meat of a mythical creature to share with the group
2. Create a name and a description of your horse

See you soon.

Session V changed!

Since I’ve been completely mind-fucked by moving houses I haven’t had a chance to write story. Instead we are going to play board games tonight. I have a few we can try, including some new one. Bring one of your own if you want.

I still want you to name your Guild Hall tonight. And I still want to hear about the NPC you created tonight.

On a side note. You can follow the link below to see the prices for items in our town. You have gold you can spend now. We are going to assume that you only have your core set of clothing and a spirit weapon. Any items you found at Bone Hill are also in your possession.

Session V Announced
...and it's at the new house!

Session V is scheduled for Friday September 23rd from 7-11 pm. It will be at the new house at 200 Arabian Court, Gambrills, MD 20154.

Your homework assignment:

1. Come up with a name for the guild hall/inn/tavern
2. Create an NPC to employ at the tavern. Name, gender, age, and background story only.
3. Bring a drink or a dish that would be sold at the guild hall and share it with the other members of the campaign.

See you then!

Session IV Announced!

Session IV is scheduled for Friday September 2nd from 7-11 pm.

Your homework assignment is to rep your favorite prisoner during the next session. Just a reminder of who they are:

Team Treah – the sexy elf girl – associated color is black
Team Stomp – the kind goblin – associated color is red
Team Bailey – the belligerent rabbit-folk – associated color is green

Make sure to bring at least 3 items to share with the rest of the group. Here are some ideas:

Food or drink related to them
Magic cards
Greeting cards with personal messages for the players/DM
Anything that has a rabbit, goblin, or elf on it.

Session III Announced

Session III is planned for Friday August 19th from 7-11.

Homework assignments:

Natoz – bring 3 “potions” to share
Vadius – bring 3 “potions” to share
Raigon – bring 3 “potions” to share
The Unconquered Sun – 3 “potions” to share

Session II Announced

Session II is scheduled for Saturday July 23rd from 10-2 at Tim’s house. This time you have homework.

Jon – Please bring soft pretzels
Matt – Please bring chicken
Eugene – Please bring alcohol

New Campaign Announced

The new campaign is set to begin on July 10th 10:00-2:00 at Tim’s House.

Players to be Matthew, Jon, and Eugene but we have an open slot should a 4th want to play.


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