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The gods are the spirits oversee Creation. The Celestial gods (The Unconquered Sun God, Luna the Moon Goddess, the Star Maidens, and other greater gods) represent creation-wide concepts, such as love, truth, and honor. They reside in the Heavenly City of Yu-Shan where other lesser gods are not permitted . Creation is home to the Terrestrial Gods (the five elemental dragons, the five scions of heavenly metals and many others). They represent more narrow facets of the world, such as a particular city or a forest. They are much less powerful and are often considered second-class gods by their cousins, the Celestial gods. This relationship has resulted in the Games of Divinity.

The Celestial Gods often toy with each other through Games of Divinity. While they are in control, they sometimes will employ Terrestrial Gods to aid them in their victories. Playing the game involves the movement of pieces on a board or field which in this case is represented by creation, and the heroes that live in it. Being allowed to participate and move the pieces is an event of addictive ecstasy for the Gods. Games can go on for centuries and take many forms, including war, politics, health, technology, sport, and matters of the heart.

The sky-dome of Heaven reflects a strong aspect of the Gods that are currently “winning” the Games, resulting in extremely irregular lighting conditions in the Heavenly City.

The pieces of this cosmic game of chess can best be represented in the model below:
• Kings = Gods
• Queens = Solar/Abyssal Exalted
• Bishops = Sidereal Exalted/Fair Folk
• Knights = Lunar Exalted/Alchemical Exalted
• Rooks = Dragon Bloods/Infernals
• Pawns = Mortals

Background Info - Please read

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