Daiklaves and Special Abilities

A Daiklave is the main weapon of the Exalted. It is a spirit weapon gifted to the Exalt by the Creators, the Gods and the Heavens. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are among the few weapons which can be used to combat Solars and Abyssals. All experienced Solars carry a Daiklave, and each Daiklave is unique: the swords are reflections of a Solar’s power and soul, and are sentient beings unto themselves. It is rumored that Sidereal know the exact location of every Daiklave in existence, no matter who the wielder is. This means that Sidereals may have the ability to know the location of every Solar and Abyssal in Creation. Because they are part of their owner’s soul, a Daiklave cannot be replaced, though it will slowly regenerate if it is broken.

Use of a Daiklave causes the release of the Anima, a magic presence that affects others via a sixth sense. The more powerful the Daiklave, the more intense the spiritual pressure. A Daiklave can change size and shape depending on the spiritual strength of the owner. A Daiklave will return to its sealed state when its wielder is knocked unconscious.

Daiklave Classes
There are a few different types of Daiklave. Each cannot use more than one family of abilities. The user’s soul chooses the Daiklave as the spirit of the weapon also chooses the wielder.
• White Daiklave
• Blue Daiklave
• Black Daiklave
• Red Daiklave
• Green Daiklave
• Uncolored Daiklave

Anima Forms
When using a Daiklave, the associated essence flair make take many forms. Examples are listed below:
• White Anima – White Light or Crackling Electricity
• Blue Anima – Mist, Fog, or Swirling Energy
• Black Anima – Shadows or Black Electricity
• Red Anima – Smoke or Flames
• Green Anima – Essence Animals
• Uncolored Anima – Shaking or Temporary conversion to metal

Special Abilities
Depending upon the Solar’s ability to communicate with and control their Daiklave’s spirit, a Daiklave can manifest itself in three additional forms and revert to a sealed state. These forms, known as Shikai, Bankai, and Spirit Mask are akin to upgrades for the Daiklave, giving it abilities far beyond those of its simple use as a sword. Solar usually carry their Daiklave in its sealed state, and activate the released forms as necessary. All Daiklave have two levels of release. The first one is Shikai and the second one is Bankai. A Daiklave can determine if its wielder is worthy of its power. Based on this, the Daiklave may choose not to give its shikai, bankia, or spirit mask abilities if it feels the wielder is not yet worthy. The power and forms of Shikai and Bankai are dependent on the Daiklave, and vary according to the wielder’s strength and training.

Shikai is the second form available to a Daiklave. To activate it, the Solar needs to learn the release call to unleash it’s elemental power. An estimated 90% of all Solars/Abyssals have the ability to use Shikai with only the most inexperienced of them not being able to achieve that power. Shikai is a mark of control of a Daiklave and although uncommon, a Daiklave may possess more than one Shikai Ability.

Shikai Abilities
Each type of Daiklave has one of eight different Shikai Abilities.

• White Abilities
o Absorb Damage
o Healing
o Disenchantment
o Peacemaking
o Defense
o Flight
o Purify Undead
o Understand All Languages

• Blue Abilities
o Countermagic
o Mimic Shikai
o Shroud
o Paralyze
o Shapeshift
o Telekinesis
o Invisibility
o Illusion

• Black Abilities
o Weakness/Debuff
o Poison
o Curse
o Shadowform
o Animate Dead
o Fear/Intimidate
o Mind Rot/Headache
o Summon Carrion

• Red Abilities
o Fire
o Lightning
o Destroy Item
o First Strike
o Flash Step
o Taunt Opponent
o Charge Item
o Cause Panic

• Green Abilities
o Regeneration
o Summon plants
o Summon creature
o Control beast
o Minor Growth
o Hexproof
o Detect Magic
o Strength

• Uncolored Abilities
o Fortify
o Gamble
o Dance
o Song
o Alchemy
o Brew Potion
o Craft Hearthstone
o Enchantment

Bankai is the second and final upgraded form of a Daiklave. The wielder needs to summon the Daiklave’s spirit into the physical world. Only the strongest Solar can use Bankai, and it is the ultimate technique of a Daiklave. Only 10% of all Solars/Abyssals are said to be capable of Bankai. Those who achieve Bankai always have remarkable roles in the history of Creation. It is possible, although unheard of, for a Daiklave to have more than one Bankai ability.

The biggest flaw of Bankai lies in the overwhelming power it releases. Its power and form are often far beyond those of a normal weapon, which is why one needs practice with Bankai in order for one to become capable of using it completely and effectively.

Bankai Abilities
Each type of Daiklave has one of four different Bankai Abilities.

• White Abilities
o Lifelink
o Resurrection
o Holy
o Circle of Protection

• Blue Abilities
o Mind Control
o Mimic Bankai
o Unblockable
o Steal Shikai (1 at a time)

• Black Abilities
o Pain/Death
o Drain Life
o Control Undead
o Destroy Shikai

• Red Abilities
o Destroy Daiklave
o Double Strike
o Pump Up
o Land Destruction

• Green Abilities
o Summon Monstrous Creature
o Wood Transformation
o Giant Growth
o Terraformation

• Uncolored Abilities
o Craft Vehicle
o Teleport
o Animate Artifact
o Indestructible

Spirit Mask
Daiklave that have merged with a God or Demon gain the ability to protect their Solar through various means. The Daiklave manifests itself as a spirit ask to protect the exalt from major injuries. The Spirit Mask is a sort of a limit break ability with a lengthy cool-down period. Once activated, the Mask becomes the dominate spirit and takes possession of the body when in use.

Spirit Mask Abilities
Each type of Daiklave has one of two different Spirit Mask Abilities.

• White Abilities
o Wrath of God
o Armageddon

• Blue Abilities
o Mass Control
o Mass Ability Activation

• Black Abilities
o Plague
o Shadowland

• Red Abilities
o Mass Chaos
o Ultima

• Green Abilities
o Titanic Growth
o Summon The Wyld

• Uncolored Abilities
o Dimensional Rift
o Exile

Daiklaves and Special Abilities

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