House Rules

1. SHOW UP. Players get xp on an hourly basis. Be on time and stay the whole length. If you can not make a session, tell the GM in advance. During the missed session all of your actions are determined by a flip of the GHOST COIN. And for God sakes, stay at the table and stay awake.

2. NO PHONES. No phones at the table. We will have breaks ever hour to allow for phone checking, snacks, bathroom breaks, side games, etc. If this rule is abused, phones will be locked in a vault.

3. SNACKS AND DRINKS REQUIRED. You’ll have more fun if you aren’t hungry. Drinking is encouraged. In fact, potions yield x3 servings per successful action and you are required to order at least 1 drink every time you go in to a pub.

4. NO TOUCHING. Don’t touch other players or their dice/character sheets/miniatures unless they are ok with it.

5. ASK QUESTIONS. It’s ok to ask the GM or other player things out of character. Just try not to interrupt or discredit the GM or other players.

6. CONTRIBUTE. Do things that will affect the group and the world we built for this campaign. Be creative is your character background and use knowledge skills to introduce new facts and history into play. This helps the DM a lot and allows personal storylines and side quests to be added specifically for players that contribute.

7. HURRY UP AND DECIDE. Initiative is based on all players as a team vs. all enemies. If you’re not sure what to do when your turn comes up, you go last. We aren’t going to wait for you to look things up or find your moral compass.

8. BOTCHES. If you roll a die and it goes off the table, it’s a 1. A failed roll that contains at least a single 1 is a botch. You can either fail miserably on your own or you can remove blocks from the party’s jenga tower. When the jenga tower falls, for whatever reason, the entire party has a catastrophic failure.

9. CRITICAL SUCCESSES. A critical success happens on a successful roll that features 2 or more 0’s. This usually results in bonus damage, bonus information, or unexpected rewards.

10. HAVE FUN. Awesomeness trumps reality. Do things that are entertaining to the whole group. Don’t worry about the rules and choose your own adventure. And while you’re at it, make sure that the less experienced players in the group are having fun too.

House Rules

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