Lookshy – Capital City of the Lookshy Kingdom
Nexus – Largest City in the East
Great Forks – River City in the East
Sijan – Mountain City to the North
Lords Crossing – Enemy Nation
Chairoscuro – Another Enemy Nation
Cybel – Allied Fortress to the south east.


Chicken N Waffles – Inn/Brothel ran by the party
Karketti’s Bitches – Rival Brothel
Freaking Waldo’s – General Store in Lookshy. Just look for the rope in the window.
The Fishing Hole – Fisherman’s Bar on the the docks of Nexus
Ollie’s Oil – Olive Oil distributor in Nexus
The Church of Many Faiths – Church in Lookshy
The Wet Whistle – Dive bar on the road between Lookshy and Nexus


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